Testez votre anglais

Testez votre anglais

1. Good morning ____________, thank you for being here this morning at such short notice.

2. How long have you _____________ in France for ?

3. Have you ever ________to Australia on business ?

4. The____________of the company was down 5% this year.

5. We have increased the number of________ employees for the holiday rush.

6. We're developing new _________to advertise our services.

7. We have a _________of over 400 people.

8. I don't like people _______down my neck to make me work harder!

9. Due to increased stock, we are building a new ________

10. We have increased production to the point where we need a new _______

11. In addition to ______________ some functions, we do some of the work ourselves.

12. There can be a lot of _________ tape and bureaucracy.

13. We are preparing a set of_____for our sales team in India to help them know what to do.

14. The _____ of our company is the person who makes all the important decisions.